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What is DashBurst? In 90 seconds…

Meet DashBurst: Where media gets social. A new multimedia web experience, social network and blogging platform.

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After spending a frustrating day wading through ads and animals, I’m fascinated to see how this new network develops. Click though to check it out yourself.


The Aspirational R.S.V.P.: Saying Yes When You Mean No

Saying you will attend an event even though you know you won’t is the apotheosis of digital glibness.

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Modern Manners.

CreativeCommons-Infographic: overview of CC licenses

A good summary/overview of CC licenses and use for photos.


Are you crediting people well enough? An infographic overview of Creative Commons (cc) 

When the Cyberbully Is You

As more people discover what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a caustic online mob, public shaming is replaced by empathy.


from the article, “As the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said more than a century ago, “Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.”

Stop consuming, start acting

We live in a world of tips and tricks, listicles and deep thoughts (in 140 characters or less). This is a world we actively perpetuate by continually showing how eager we all are to consume this type of information. It lures us in with promises of saving time, building better habits, retiring early by working less, etc…

Like ravenous dogs, we refresh our feeds – even though we just spent the last 20 minutes reading some life-hacking article. Maybe a new one will appear with even more hacks! We salivate for more, unsatiated by the last.


Note to Self.

Join Empire Avenue Leaders NOW , the best is yet to come

Empire Avenue really keeps me on my toes in Social Media. Set your standards, watch other people set theirs, and see how they do it : fascinating. More comments Tuesday.

Empire Kred

In March 2014 Empire Avenue started The Empire Avenue Leaders program to enable members to take full advantage of everything the site has to offer , supercharge their online networking and to have a voice in the development and progress of the site.

This week the initiative celebrated its first birthday and Empire Avenue management signalled the start of celebrations with this announcement

Happy birthday leaders! It’s been a full year since we launched the
Empire Avenue Leaders program. You ALL stepped up to support EA…
some by volunteering your time and talents and every single one of
you by paying to join the Leaders. Everyone at Empire Avenue is
pleased and amazed by your outpouring of support for the game.

Time to celebrate!

The Empire Avenue Leaders group now has over 890 members all of whom made one payment of $100 to join and enjoy the benefits .


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3 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Invitations Get Ignored

There has been some debate over how to use LinkedIn. Is it quality or quantity? But the biggest challenge is getting those Linkedin invitations to accept.


This article has become a classic. the points may or may not have become obvious to you by now. Enjoy the read.

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