About. Me

yes, I do have two arms
yes, I do have two arms 🙂

Susan Davis Cushing

a social media experiment – in the flesh.

Visual thinker/learner loving movement, photography/film, extraordinary art, sustainability, and — laughing.  I try to share inspiring projects I find with the communities that have helped me so much in my life and career.

Online, I follow three areas, often using visual images as my sole message (click on links for a sneak peek).

1) Sustainability, Essential Art, Craftivism, and Sustainable Design: @UberECOCool on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr;  CRAFTIVISM PLUS: Upcycling, Found, Outsider, Street Art;  The Great Outdoors: Beauty and IronyÜber. Eco. Cool; and some Shooz To Wear Art are all packed into my endless love for all things Tumblr.

2) Social Good and Revolutionizing Education:  @morphwithus on Twitter; Pattern Recognitionand The Medium is the Message on Tumblr.

3) Dance:  @morphing on Twitter; Terpsichore* on Tumblr; Movement as Muse on Facebook.


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