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Trust and Mistrust: #WorkingOutLoud

October 12, 2016

Reading a lot about social media and trust, developed out of a need to see some standards, particularly in the gaming of social media. This is deep stuff, but high time we thought more about it. Enjoying Julian Stoddard’s work

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Throughout this work on the Landscape of Trust, I’ve avoided the temptation of talking about opposites: I prefer to think that we either have trust or an absence of it. With that in mind, and with the caveat that this is very much an exploratory phase of thinking, I think we can view mistrust as something that exists in parallel. Mistrust is a force in itself: not simply the absence of trust, but rather something which may arise on the other side. The reason I’m choosing to view these in parallel rather than simply as opposite ends of the spectrum is because, in the context of culture, both can be simultaneously true.

The landscape of trust - mistrust

As we burrow deeper into the Landscape of Trust, we see that there is variation in the level of trust that people feel dependent upon the relationship they have with them, but also their…

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