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February 9, 2013

Harold's Garden

thiefSeems to be a growing concern that thieves are loose on Empire Avenue. Evidently lots of  folks are taking the eaves from missions without doing the requested tasks.  I am relatively new; so I can’t say if the problem is truly worse or if mission creators are just whinier. The infrequent checking I do for my missions shows me a completion rate that ranges from 100% to 25% with somewhere between 75% to 80% as my norm.  I suspect that the low rate of completion was mostly my fault.  By the way I set up a mission and when I launch it, I believe that I can get a reasonable completion rate.

At 75% completion, I really was not all that concerned about folks stealing missions. I trusted God or Karma to punish the sinners with the help of a few blocks from me & my friends.   A few days ago it…

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