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#Trump – New Mechanics Of Power — Sustainability

Originally posted on Julian Stodd’s Learning Blog: The only thing that seems to be predictable, is unpredictability itself. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States, a fact that will please some and displease others. Whatever our view of the results of the election, there are some fascinating underlying dynamics at…

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When Trust Fails: Exploring Consequence in the Landscape of Trust

Over the past six years, I have becoming fascinated with online communities and measurements. A huge number have failed, in large, as a result of gaming the new uncharted territory that is the internet. These reposts of Julian Stodd’s work are provocative and irresistible. I begin by offering some of his best blogs as a basis for discussion. The rest of the work to be done is still fuzzy, but increasingly beguiling. I appreciate your thoughts. I have not yet had the opportunity to speak with Julian. This is a new place to channel and share thoughts with friends.

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

I’ve been #WorkingOutLoud to map the Landscape of Trust. I’m using this term to describe the complex facets of behaviour and belief that build or erode this most valuable of commodities. At the end of this work I hope to have a workable diagnostic that lets us map hotspots and evolve the organisation accordingly. We may think it’s obvious what happens when trust fails, but the point of this question is to explore the consequences in more detail.

The Landscape of Trust - consequence

I asked the question, “If you lack trust in the organisation you work for, what is the primary consequence?

I had a good response to this question, with 498 people providing an answer. Of that group, 32% of people said they were ‘less likely to stay’, 27% said they were ‘less likely to engage’, a further 27% said they were ‘less committed to help’, and 14% said they…

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Spotlight on the Social Age: Authenticity — Julian Stodd’s Learning Blog

In the Map of the Social Age, ‘Authenticity’ is special location. It’s special because it’s hard to find. Authenticity is almost intangible, and yet easy to spot when it’s missing. It gives you nothing in return, and yet without it you have nothing. Authenticity generates power for Social Leaders and erodes it in organisations that […]

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Trust and Mistrust: #WorkingOutLoud

Reading a lot about social media and trust, developed out of a need to see some standards, particularly in the gaming of social media. This is deep stuff, but high time we thought more about it. Enjoying Julian Stoddard’s work

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Throughout this work on the Landscape of Trust, I’ve avoided the temptation of talking about opposites: I prefer to think that we either have trust or an absence of it. With that in mind, and with the caveat that this is very much an exploratory phase of thinking, I think we can view mistrust as something that exists in parallel. Mistrust is a force in itself: not simply the absence of trust, but rather something which may arise on the other side. The reason I’m choosing to view these in parallel rather than simply as opposite ends of the spectrum is because, in the context of culture, both can be simultaneously true.

The landscape of trust - mistrust

As we burrow deeper into the Landscape of Trust, we see that there is variation in the level of trust that people feel dependent upon the relationship they have with them, but also their…

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Bret Easton Ellis on Living in the Cult of Likability

In the reputation economy, the ratings go both ways.

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The ever-so tough world of social media popularity.

From Pixels to Pavement

By Susannah Shouweiler


Who owns and operates the “free” social media platform your community uses for its gatherings? How is work and personal information you upload to your individual profile in a “community” database used by the website hosting it? Who moderates your conversations? Who created the algorithm that determines what is gleaned for the information feed you see from those you “follow”? And to what end is that data being shaped? If your community is using a commercially-owned, proprietary platform to conduct its conversations, who pays for it? Specifically, what (or who) is being sold in the process? (more)

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This really struck a chord with me. Very much worth a full read.

Your Friends Are Liars: This Series Reveals The Reality Behind Instagram Posts

Chompoo Baritone’s new photo series shows what’s really happening just beyond the frame.

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